Spray Revolution the most creative explosion
of colour and creativity for your home
improvements and interior innovations.


About us

At spray revolution we are always looking at cost effective ways to evolve, while being enviromental frinedly as possible. 

For example your kitchen looks tired and dated,
the first think it comes to your mind is to replace it,
which means, huge disruption. mess, living on take
always for days and a huge deposit on landfield.

By choosing to spray your existing kitchen, in a
couple of days you'll have a fresh, reconditioned
kitchen units and with some smart changes,
like new handles, a completely new look.

We can guarantee a minimum disruption
while you still have a functional kitchen
at a fraction of a new kitchen.


What we spray




uPVC windows and doors

Garage shutters




What paint we use

We tend to use water based paints which
are more eco-friendly than the old fashion
oil based or 2 pack paints.

We strongly believe that this is the future of
paints, the producing much less uncomfortable 
odours, they are very durable and much
less harmful for the environment.